/ March 28, 2021

About Us

Logistics services are increasingly important in today’s economic environment – more and more products are being sold worldwide, with the development of the Internet allowing companies to act and monitor activities, in real time, at an unprecedented level. Once the purchase decision is made, customers want to benefit from the products purchased in the shortest time – at this time logistics becoming the essential factor.

Constraints of all kinds, economic, social or environmental, are increasingly affecting the operational processes, these changes having a major impact on the activities of the logistics sector, they must meet all the criteria required by the customer, but at costs as low as possible.

We offer various logistics services to our customers, so that De Greef adds value to customers.


Administratie: office@degreeflogistics.eu – +40799 299 113

• Planning RO: planning@degreeflogistics.eu – +40738674005

• Planning NL: planning@degreeflogistics.eu- +31655343225